Breezy Reads with Heart and Soul

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Enjoy the comic misadventures of washashore Joe as he rediscover life, love, and faith on Nantucket island in this charming series of Christian romantic-comedies.

Biblican beacons for everyday life as shared with us in God's Word

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Book 3

for the Christian Seeker

for the Christian Servant

for the Christian Soldier

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RC Atchisson


A Collection of Bad Poetry, Doggerel, and Other Abandoned Thoughts

A PROBLEM OF EVIL  --A Play in Two Acts

A school psychologist helping a troubled student must take a leap of faith to face otherwordly forcesd threatening the very pillars of his existence -- the world of science and his family.

*North American performance rights currently available

A former radio and TV personality, RC Atchisson is also a novelist, a playwright, and a screenwriter specializing in "Breezy Reads with Heart and Soul"™ who divides his time between his native Midwest and, as much as possible, New England.